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Southern Region History

Originally a part of the Gulf Coast Region, the Southern Region was created in 2001 with the states of Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas.


The decision to split the two regions was made because of the phenomenal potential for growth happening in the four states.  

During the 2010 Spring Regional Meeting in San Antonio, Texas, the Southern Region Sweetheart Executive Board was established.

The first Southern Region Executive Board

Sweetheart President - Samantha Smith

Sweetheart Vice-President - LaCrecia Brown

Sweetheart Treasurer - Miranda Tyson

Sweetheart Secretary - Raquel Pena

Sweetheart Business Manager - Tiffany Truehill

Sweetheart Sergeant at Arms - Chelsi Amos

Arkansas Liaison - Shakenia Thomas

Louisiana Liaison - Pennie Brown

Oklahoma Liaison - Vacant

North Texas Liaison - DeMarias O'Banner

South Texas Liaison - Letitia Ivey

In 2014, Iota Sweethearts formally incorporated, during this historical evolution of our organization, the first Southern Region Executive Board to bring us through the incorporation is the following:

E-Board during the transition period 2014 - 2016


  • President - Shakenia Tate

  • Vice-President - DaMaris O'Banner (2014-2016) Letitia Ivey (2016-2019)

  • Secretary - Jessica Thompson

  • Treasurer - Miranda Tyson

  • Business Manager - Letitia Ivey  

  • National Communications SR Rep- Samantha Smith 

  • Sergeant-at-Arms - Ashley Branch

  • National Community Service SR Rep- Anna Nunez (added in 2015)

Regional Directors (2014-Present)


Shakenia Tate 2014-2021

Michele Trejo 2021-2023

Brittany Corprew 2023-2025

The Southern Region has produced members that have lead our organization on the National level from membership, to treasurer, to secretary, to vice-president and most recently to the highest seat, National President.  The Southern Region is not without its Southern charm, known for our hospitality, welcoming spirit, and gracious nature, the "Show OWT" Southern Region definitely exemplifies the pillars of a "Special Lady". Our region continues to grow and expand within the 4 states of our region. We look forward to seeing the legacy of the Eternal Sweetheart Ms. Audrey S. Brooks,  grow within our region and organization overall.

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